See Viral s3xy pictures of Di ASA’s PM and her Bestie (photos)

PM is a business woman who took first place in the Di Asa 2019 competition. She was known as Precious Mensah, but she was introduced to Di Asa as PM. Her back and front are both endorsed with tons of flesh, and she is endowed with a large frame. About her size, she was able to dance so well that she attracted a lot of attention.

She is a fantastic dancer and entertainer.

PM has a friend named Beatrice, and it seems that this adage is valid in this case ( birds with the same feathers flies together). She also has a big frame with a huge backside and front. She is a model, actress, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador. Model Slimgh is her Instagram handle, and she has a large following.

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Both friends have wowed their followers with good-looking images that show off their curvy bodies.

Take a look at some of PM’s and Her Bestie’s pictures.

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