Sad news: 29 years old woman k!lled by her husband for coming home late

Sad news: 29 years old woman k!lled by her husband for coming home late

Florence Kaari, a Kenyan woman who was 29 years old, was allegedly killed by her husband for coming home late. The man’s name is Charles Kaari.

After being struck on the head with a blunt object by her husband on Sunday evening, December 4, 2022, in Githurai 45, the woman passed away while she was receiving treatment in the hospital for her injuries.
Ruth Kaimenyi, who was working as a housekeeper for the family, was the one who reported the incident. She stated that the man arrived home drunk around one in the morning and inquired about the whereabouts of the wife.
“He came home drunk and asked where his wife was. I told him that she had not arrived, and he told me to get out of the house as he threatened me stating that I was supposed to know,” Ms Kaimenyi told the police.

The maid who worked in the home stated that thirty minutes after the previous tenant was evicted, the new tenant, Ms. Kaari, showed up at the door with a friend who the maid could only identify as Ms. Gakii.
After that, she questioned her as to the reason why she was outside, and the house helper, Ms. Kaimenyi, related the events that had taken place.
Ms. Kaari did not take the threats that were made to the housekeeper seriously, and instead, she went to the front door and knocked on it.
However, when she arrived, her husband was already there waiting for her, and as soon as he opened the door, the two of them began arguing.
Ms. Kaimenyi, the housekeeper, and Ms. Gakii, a friend of the deceased, tried to stop the man and woman from continuing their fight, but the man became violent and began abusing them as well.
After a few moments, the commotion died down, and shortly after that, one of the children who had been sleeping inside the house rushed to meet the two women outside.
They were informed by the child that the mother had been injured, specifically to the head, and that she was bleeding.

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“Our attempts to stop them were futile. The husband instead started hurling insults at us calling Kaari’s friend a prostitute,” the househelp further revealed.

Ms. Kaari was taken to the hospital as soon as the man was taken under control, but she passed away there in the early hours of Monday morning.

The man who is currently in police custody received the news that the lady had passed away and then proceeded to call his in-laws and tell them that their relative had taken poison. The man is currently being held by the police.