Meet the lady who had 6 ribs removed in order to reach a small waist, and see her before and after pictures.

It is nothing new to us that the universe is turning out to be anything more than average, and people would go to extraordinary lengths to get the body they want. They undergo cosmetic surgery, liposuction, and a slew of other strange treatments all for the sake of looking healthy.

It seems that the advent of cosmetic surgical procedures has caused more harm than good; certain people have ended up looking messed up following medical procedures, while some have come out looking great. Individuals, especially women, are not permitted to conduct medical procedures at this time.

Pixie Foxx, a young woman and model, is no stranger to the world of cosmetic surgery. She had 6 ribs removed in order to get the tiniest midsection on the world, as well as nose and breast surgery. She underwent a number of surgical operations to achieve her new beauty.

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