“I chose what I do with my body,” -man says after being caught [email protected] in ‘Trotro'(video)

After being spotted masturbating in a commercial vehicle “trotro,” a man retaliated by attacking the young ladies who recorded him.

 When the woman saw the guy masturbating, she challenged him, telling him, “You know you should stop what you’re doing and do it when you get home, you hear?” When he learned he’d been recorded, the man quickly pulled his hand from his trousers. Later in the trip, the woman insists she saw him staring at her phone and begged him to stop, to which he replied by assaulting her. The woman is heard in the video calling him out for masturbating on the bus, to which he responds, “My body is my body.” It’s none of your concern if I’m doing anything.” The argument quickly intensified, with the guy elbowing her and threatening to slap her, but a male commuter interfered.

The victim [Olajumoke The Wig Maker] posted this video and piece of information on Twitter.

She wrote: So here’s what happened I noticed his elbow was resting on my body, which made me uncomfortable cause the back seat wasn’t so crowded for 3 people for his body to be touching mine! Then I noticed his Bag & his other hand movement & started recording incase he tried to deny.

After calling him out! He stopped. And I Ignored him for the rest of the trip till he started looking into my phone while i was texting, which made me really uncomfortable! Then I told him He shouldn’t look at me or my phone and that was where the problem started.

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Now that I’m calm, I guess I escalated the matter for myself when I couldn’t just stay calm. Still! It doesn’t give anyone the right to wank in public. I sha told him to Carry his Penis and Jerk off in the middle of the road since he feels its his Body & He’s Right

hat was where Baba grabbed my wrist and was ready to beat the daylight out of me! Thank God for the people that saved me sha! I wished they would have spoken up though… Maybe I wouldn’t have been beaten if One of those men stood up to him

watch the video below.

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