The family of My Indian lover worked against me physically and spiritually – Sony Achiba

– Sony Achiba’s quest to marry an Indian lady
– Cultural differences pose a significant hurdle
– His personality and music style attract an Indian girl
– Opposition from the girl’s parents
– Sony Achiba’s persistence and realization of spiritual opposition
– He decides to back out and block all contact
– Relocation to the United Kingdom
– Ex-lover’s attempts to reconnect
– Sony Achiba’s focus on personal aspirations and career

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Sony Achiba’s Quest to Marry an Indian Lady Thwarted by Cultural Differences**

Sony Achiba, the artiste known for his Hiplife-Indian fusion genre, had a strong desire to marry an Indian lady. However, cultural differences posed a significant hurdle in winning over his love interest and her family. Sony’s personality and style of music managed to attract one of the most captivating Indian girls, and he was open to embracing the beauty and rich tradition of India.

Unfortunately, his lover’s parents staunchly opposed the relationship, preferring her to marry another Indian man. Despite the opposition, Sony Achiba remained persistent, driven by the strong connection they had. However, the battle soon turned from physical to spiritual. Sony became aware that the man his lover was intended to marry had some form of spiritual backing, which he knew was not to be taken lightly.

Realizing the futility of fighting against such spiritual forces, Sony made the difficult decision to advise himself and back out of the relationship. Ultimately, Sony had to accept that his dreams of marrying an Indian lady may not come to fruition. He blocked all contact from his ex-lover and decided to relocate to the United Kingdom.

Even while away, his ex-lover made numerous attempts to reconnect with him. However, Sony knew that reviving their romantic relationship would be futile and chose to decline her advances. Determined to focus on his own journey and personal aspirations, Sony Achiba found that this decision greatly benefited his career. Despite the disappointment and challenges faced in his quest for love, Sony embraced the valuable lessons learned and continued to pursue his passion for music.

In conclusion, Sony Achiba’s pursuit of marrying an Indian lady was hindered by cultural differences and strong opposition from his lover’s parents. Despite the deep connection he shared with his ex-lover, he made the painful decision to back out due to spiritual obstacles. Sony Achiba chose to focus on his personal aspirations and career, finding solace in his music. Ultimately, he learned valuable lessons from this experience and continued to move forward with determination and resilience.

The family of My Indian lover worked against me physically and spiritually – Sony Achiba


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