Silent K!ller – Funny Face’s Baby Mama teases him with her Promise Ring in new video

Funny Face, the comedian, appears to be suffering from a relapse of his mental illness!

The actor went insane yesterday, launching a barrage of tweets against everyone he believes has offended him in some way.

Lilwin, Kalybos, Bismark the Joke, Funny Face’s ex-wife Elizabeth, his in-laws, and, of course, his baby mom Vanessa have all been targeted.

In a video, Funny Face drugged and humiliated his baby mommy for being a thief.

When they were living together, he claimed Vanessa was taking from him, but he kept it to himself because he didn’t want to embarrass his children’s mother.

Vanessa duped Funny Face during the delivery of her recent baby, according to Funny Face.

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She conspired with her mother to defraud him of GHC 5,000 for a C-Section when the true cost was GHC 1,800.

Vanessa, on the other hand, is unconcerned about Funny Face’s shouting! In reality, she isn’t saying anything, yet her videos are clearly ‘killing’ Funny Face.

Ataa Maame has released a video in which she extols the virtues of her attractiveness. She is seen singing and displaying her promise ring while dressed in a gorgeous royal blue morning coat.

Though Venessa didn’t say anything negative about Funny Face, her actions will undoubtedly harm him, especially because he’s currently off the hook and she shows no concern.

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Watch the video below.

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