Reasons why Mohbad left Marlian Records that led to his death surfaces – Video

The untimely death of teenage Nigerian music singer Boy Mohbad, real name Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, has attracted enormous interest and heated debate.

Many people have expressed their views on the matter, claiming that the young man was handled unfairly.

Many people believe Mohbad’s death was not an accident but rather a deliberately planned and performed act by individuals or groups that had a grudge against him, particularly following his departure from Marlian Records.

Following his untimely death, allegations and accusations have been leveled towards Naira Marley, with some speculating that he was involved in the singer’s heinous murder.

Among the pain and anguish, there is an increasing call for justice for Mohbad. People have legitimate worries regarding the circumstances surrounding his death, and a comprehensive inquiry is required to establish the truth.

The tragic death of such a promising young talent in the music industry has left a hole and prompted concerns about the safety and well-being of artists in Nigeria.

As the inquiry continues and new details emerge, the public remains attentive, asking for openness, responsibility, and justice in the tragic death of Boy Mohbad.

Various theories and rumors have circulated regarding the likely causes of the musician Mohbad’s unfortunate demise. As a result of these hypotheses, various theories have gained momentum among the general public.

According to one popular idea, Naira Marley, a famous person in the music industry, sought to persuade Mohbad into striking a covenant with an occult group, thereby surrendering his life to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.

Another claim floating around in these forums is that Naira Marley attempted to involve Mohbad in unlawful drug-related operations. Naira Marley allegedly sought to use Mohbad as a pawn in his drug operation, using him as a front to boost his clientele. It is believed that Mohbad’s opposition to this proposal infuriated Naira Marley.

The third notion circulating revolves around disagreements about Mohbad’s shares and payments from Marlian Records. It is thought that Mohbad left Marlian Records to pursue an independent career because he felt he was being treated unfairly in terms of financial remuneration.

These different ideas have added to the intricacy and mystery surrounding Mohbad’s death, leaving many questions unanswered and increasing the public’s demand for clarification and justice in the case.

Watch the video below;

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