Prophet Ajagurajah is tackled by Azuka as they begin a fresh beef, telling him to shut up and calling him fake.

A brewing feud between two prominent Ghanaian prophets, Prophet Azuka and Prophet Ajagurajah, has taken center stage of social media trends. The rift between the two spiritual leaders ignited during an interview with ZionFelix where Prophet Azuka levied a set of scathing allegations against Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, labeling him as a fake man of God.

During the now viral interview, Prophet Azuka fearlessly criticized Bishop Kwabena Asiamah for misleading Ghanaians with claims of having divine power from God. He alleged that Prophet Ajagurajah is masquerading as a genuine man of God while lacking the spiritual prowess he claims to possess. Prophet Azuka did not hold back, cautioning Prophet Ajagurajah to cease his alleged charade as a bona fide prophet or risk public humiliation.

In a surprising turn, Prophet Azuka also took a jibe at Prophet Ajagurajah’s personal hygiene practices, mocking him for using unpleasant-smelling perfumes and soaps for bathing. This display of unreserved boldness further escalated the tension between the two men of God.

Prophet Azuka proclaimed himself as the most powerful man of God in the country, positioning himself above all contenders, including Bishop Ajagurajah. This thinly veiled mockery is expected to further fuel the growing dispute between the two spiritual leaders, as Prophet Ajagurajah is yet to react to Azuka’s planned attack on him.

The brewing feud between Prophet Azuka and Prophet Ajagurajah has captivated social media users, with many eagerly awaiting the next move in this ongoing battle of spiritual supremacy. As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these prominent figures will navigate the public’s perception of their credibility and authority.


Effah Gideon

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