Moesha finally gives her life to Jesus Christ, reveals she has so much peace in God (video)

May the saints say Amen to every praise and reverence for the name of the highest. Moesha claims that the one and only God has saved her.

Moesha Budoung, your favorite Slay Queen, now wishes to be known as Maurecia, claiming that the good Lord has chosen her and that she has accepted Him as her sole Lord and personal savior.

Last night, as everyone was busy flaunting their outfits on the VGMA red carpet, she made this revelation.

Maybe that is why we did not notice her. For a long time, Moesha has been raving about how she has finally found God.

She has been talking a lot about God lately, about how His mercies remain and His love endures forever. During Tracey Boakye’s mediocre one-year-old daughter’s birthday party a couple of weekends ago, Moe stunned a lot of people on social media when she started talking to the toddler about God.

Moe did not appear to be joking when she declared she was a fresh creation.

She is shown with supermodel Vicky Michaels in a live Instagram session, speaking about God and an upcoming program she will be attending, asking her fans to go as well.

In the video, Moe sings praise songs to God and declares a name change, reminding us that if God can do it for her, He can do it for anyone. It is never too late, according to Moe.

Moe has done the same thing Nana Agradaa did a while back when she burned all her gods, changed her name from Nana Agradaa to Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, and claimed to be God, but from all angles she is back to her old ways, except for the ‘Sika Gari’ sham, and we hope it is not a nine-day wonder.


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