Maths Teacher cries out as school proprietor refuses to pay his salary all because he sells cashew nuts

A Mathematics teacher in Enugu, Nigeria, took to Facebook to express his frustration over his unpaid salary.

Oriko Ikenna, who teaches at Grace Secondary School, revealed that the school’s proprietor refused to pay him because he sells cashew nuts to supplement his income.

Although the proprietor paid all the other teachers, Ikenna was asked to choose between his teaching job and his cashew business.

The proprietor considered the side business a conflict of interest with the teaching job. Ikenna’s post has sparked debate about the rights of teachers to engage in additional income-generating activities.

He took to Facebook and revealed;

“THIS IS WICKEDNESS!!! WHY ME???? I am a teacher in His Grace Secondary School located in Nsukka in Enugu state. I teach mathematics, from SS1 to SS3. The problem started when I started a baked cashew nut business. Despite the fact that it is a woman business, I still do it to help me augment my salary.

“We closed for the term on the 28th of July 2023. And after the results have been given out, the school proprietor paid everyone his/her salary except me. He said I should choose between selling the cashew nuts and teaching.

“He said I didn’t come to teach but to do business, and because of that he will not pay me. Some of my fellow teachers pleaded with him to pay me,but he refused. So that is how I left without being paid.”

Maths Teacher cries out as school proprietor refuses to pay his salary all because he sells cashew nuts


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