Man stabs his friend to death over who to pay for food at a Restaurant

A man named Akinola Adeleye has been arrested in Lagos State on suspicion of murdering his friend, who has been identified only as John.

The tragic event occurred after a heated argument over payment for a meal that Akinola had consumed at a canteen on Idiagbon Street in the state’s Ifako-Ijaiye district.

Akinola allegedly used a knife to fatally stab his friend John after an argument that began over who would pay the bill developed into a physical confrontation.

A local villager identified only as Ugochukwu described the horrific event as follows:

So, when the victim went to eat at the local restaurant, they informed him that he owed them for the food his friend ate. He was surprised and angry that his friend would ask them to bill him without even telling him about it.

So, he quickly finished his meal and went home to confront his friend about the debt that was passed down to him. That was how they started quarrelling.

As they were fighting over the matter, Akinola, out of anger asked John to pack out of his house immediately but John refused and the fight intensified.

Before anyone knew what was happening, Akinola left the scene of the fight, rushed back with a knife, and stabbed John.

We had assumed the fight was over when Akinola left, only for us to see him rush at John with the knife.

Before we could do anything, John was on the ground and blood was gushing out from his body. Everywhere became scattered in confusion.”

Ugochukwu claims that Akinola tried to flee the scene but was caught by some local youths.

The state police command’s official spokesman confirmed the incident, saying the suspect had been taken immediately to the State Criminal Investigations Department and will be charged in court.

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