Man keeps wife’s corpse in the freezer; ignores family as he fails to bury her after dying

In a case that rocked Sweden, a Swedish court sentenced a Norwegian man to three and a half years in prison.

The police discovered his deceased partner’s body in a freezer, which he had used to preserve her remains while continuing to collect her pension.

The 57-year-old man had misled friends and relatives by fraudulently saying that his 60-year-old partner was alive and healthy, despite the fact that she died of cancer in 2018.

According to an English-language Norwegian news outlet, he had planned to bury her on their farm but did not follow through.

When the woman’s family lost communication with her, they got suspicious, and the husband supplied different justifications, including that she no longer wished to interact with them.

In March, authorities discovered her body after receiving a tip, and the man admitted to concealing her death and remains.

He had initially stated that he wished to bury her on their Varmland farm in the spring.

Surprisingly, some accounts claimed that he decapitated his partner before freezing her beside the food he ate.

The prosecutor contended that the man’s usage of the freezer for various purposes violated the sanctity of the grave every time he opened and closed it, exacerbating the gravity of the situation.

The individual had also been involved in a fraudulent scam, collecting over $117,000 through persistent deception.

He had also modified automobile ownership and registrations under the deceased’s name. During his trial, the man claimed that he could still communicate telepathically with his partner.

However, prior evaluations by court-appointed psychiatrists found no evidence of mental disease, and further evaluations affirmed this assessment.

The individual was eventually convicted on multiple crimes, including flagrant violation of civil liberties, gross fraud, mutilation of a corpse, and falsification of documents.

While prosecutors sought a four-year prison sentence, the court imposed a shorter sentence and ordered the guy to refund the ill-gotten income from his fraudulent activities.

This terrible case has left the community and judicial authorities reeling from the crime’s disturbing elements.

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