Man arrested for pretending to be Anas (See details)

Man arrested for pretending to be Anas (See details)

Police in Adabraka said on Saturday that Osei, posing as Mr. Anas, had looted many businesses.

According to reports, these companies paid Anas considerable sums to end their probes.

Adabraka Crime Officer Ebenezer Nketia claims that Osei hacked into Anas’s Tiger Eye Company’s laptop by using his personal connections with the company’s employees.

He forgeried documents using the company’s letterhead. Then Osei texted the businesses, warning them that Anas was looking into their practices and offering to help shut down the probes in exchange for a financial settlement.

One of Osei’s victims, according to DSP Nketia, alleged that Osei had sent him repeated anonymous text messages threatening to expose him and his “fraudulent activities” if he did not immediately cease them.

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He claimed that Osei had approached him and threatened to damage his name unless he paid up.

DSP Nketia claimed Anas and his organization got a tip-off that Osei was faking papers using his company’s name and told him to stop, but he denied it.

According to the Police Commander, Osei made a confession after being arrested.

Man arrested for pretending to be Anas (See details)