“Local punishment”: Ghanaian woman arrested for inserting ginger in son’s anus in the US

Aba Hagan, a Ghanaian lady, was arrested in the United States for punishing her child the Ghanaian way by inserting ginger into her son’s anus.

According to US police, this form of physical punishment is severe and humiliating; thus, she has been charged on four counts and is awaiting trial.

Aba, 40, was detained on Thursday after authorities were called to the Rachel Road apartment around 8 p.m. for a suspected domestic argument. Where they discovered a naked youngster, thought to be Aba’s son, who claimed she inserted ginger into his anus.

Ms. Hagan reportedly denied doing anything but said that “he had messed up in school and she punished him,” according to reports.

She eventually gave in and admitted to inserting a piece of ginger inside the boy’s anus.
Officer Daniel Roberts noted, “I asked her why she would do this, and she stated that this was a common punishment in her home country of Ghana, Africa.”

Another guy in the flat stated that he had witnessed such punishment in Africa but thought it was an unacceptable practice in America and had informed Aba of this. Doctors evaluated the youngster and transported him to Manchester Memorial Hospital. Officer Daniels also noted that a report of suspected child abuse or neglect was forwarded to the state Department of Children and Families.

Some Ghanaian families use ginger as a form of physical punishment by inserting it into the vagina (for girls) or anus (for boys). The ginger generates a burning feeling and persistent suffering, which is considered to provide the afflicted with sense.

“Local punishment”: Ghanaian woman arrested for inserting ginger in son’s anus in the US

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