"Kofi Adoma's wife has spiritually left him"- Agradaa Reveals (watch video)

“Kofi Adoma’s wife has spiritually left him”- Agradaa Reveals (watch video)

Evangelist Mama Pat aka Nana Agradaa has contributed her two cents concerning Kofi Adomah’s infidelity and womanizing brouhaha.

Earlier last week on Angel FM, Kofi Adomah stated on live radio that he had cheated on his wife on multiple times.

The radio broadcaster also went deep into his womanizing practices and how he had babies with other women even in London.

After Kofi Adomah’s public confession, a lot of Ghanaian responded in amazement — In the thick of it all, an unknown lady uploaded an audio on the internet to accuse the presenter of ditching his first wife for Miracle.

The lady further said that Kofi Adomah’s first wife is now deaf and crazy due of the heartache.

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Nana Agradaa who has now transformed into a social media pundit has declared in her most recent Facebook live that Kofi Adomah’s wife had spiritually divorced him.

According to Nana Agradaa, Kofi Adomah should advice himself before it’s late since the love his wife had for him has gone deep into the occasion because she’s really bored of his womanizing activities.

Nana Agradaa went on to explain that when a woman complains and a guy fails to listen, all the love she has for him goes and that’s precisely what has occurred between Kofi Adomah and his wife.

Alot of Ghanaians have criticised Nana Agradaa for trying to profit on Kofi Adomah’s troubles to trend.

As observed by these critics, it’s callous for Nana Agradaa to accuse Mrs Mircale Adomah of preparing to divorce Kofi Adomah when she hasn’t personally spoken to her about such a covert intent.

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