"Kelvyn Boy is not mentally correct"- Ruthy

“Kelvyn Boy is not mentally correct”- Ruthy

Afropop star Kelvyn Boy recently shocked Ghanaians, especially his devoted fans, by revealing that smoking is a habit he does not want to give up anytime soon in the Hitz FM studios. 

He claims that smoking is necessary for his mental stability and adds that, in contrast to the popular belief that smoking can make one crazy, his case is the opposite!

In an interview with Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Kelvyn Boy admitted this

“i really smoke. You notice how many believe that smoking causes one to go insane? I’ll go crazy if I don’t smoke, myself.”

The “Down Flat” singer continued by saying he doesn’t like to hide that aspect of himself or present a false persona to the world.

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“I like to stay real and I feel like this thing I do is my life, it’s my lifestyle too,” Kelvyn Boy said.

In response to Kelvyn Boy’s speech in the Nhyira FM studios, Ruthy, a critic of show business, criticized Kelvyn for speaking so loosely.

Ruthy claims that she finds it incomprehensible how such a celebrity could go to the level of claiming that, for Christ’s sake, he would die if he stopped using marijuana.

Ruthy said,

“Kelvyn Boy’s mother didn’t feed him with marijuana when he was growing up; she breastfed him, and breastmilk has no pot particles, so for him to come out and say what he said shows he has a mental condition and needs quick evaluation.”

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