24 years old bride sh0t dead at her wedding by her own cousin (see details)

A stray gunshot from celebratory gunfire struck a 24-year-old bride in the head during the wedding ceremony, killing her instantly.

Mahvash Leghaei was getting married in Iran’s Firuzabad when a visitor, who is thought to be the groom’s cousin, opened fire with an illegally owned high-powered hunting rifle. According to reports, the bullet struck her directly in the skull and also wounded two of the event’s male attendees.

‘We had an emergency call of a gunshot at a wedding hall in Firuzabad city, and officers were dispatched promptly,’ police spokesperson Colonel Mehdi Jokar said.

Initial accounts state that two shots were fired, the first of which missed its target but hit the bride in the head and brain before striking the other two guests.

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The bride was put into a coma and later passed away, according to the police spokeswoman, but the two other people who were shot weren’t gravely hurt.

A 36-year-old man who was not named but was reportedly the bride’s cousin was the shooter.

According to the police spokesman, “Naturally, any disturbance of public order crosses the red line, and the police need to intervene. People also need to be aware that, in order to foster a sense of community safety, shooting is prohibited at weddings.

24 years old bride sh0t dead at her wedding by her own cousin (see details)

According to the victim’s family, three people have benefited from her donated organs.

Despite being against the law, it is nonetheless common in the Middle East to fire a gun at weddings.