He transformed me into a punching bag and incessantly beat me – Archipalago’s baby mama opens up.

In a shocking revelation, Angela Essien, the former partner of popular entertainer Archipalago, has come forward to speak about their tumultuous relationship. In a viral video, Angela bravely shared her side of the story, claiming that she was the one who ended the relationship due to constant physical abuse.

For the duration of their four-year involvement, Angela alleges that she was treated like a mere object, enduring relentless beatings, insults, and abuse at the hands of Archipalago. The emotional toll inflicted upon her was immeasurable, leaving her feeling worthless and degraded.

Recalling one particularly horrifying incident, Angela recounts how Archipalago brutally struck her in the chest, causing immense pain and fear. It was only after realizing the potential consequences, such as deportation, that he hurriedly apologized to her. This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the power dynamics at play within their relationship.

Angela’s decision to speak out against her former partner sheds light on the issue of domestic violence, an all too prevalent problem in society. Her courage in sharing her story may inspire others who have suffered similar experiences to come forward and seek help.

It is important to note that these allegations have not been independently verified, and Archipalago has yet to respond to Angela’s claims. However, the impact of Angela’s revelations cannot be understated, as they bring attention to the importance of addressing and combating domestic violence in all its forms.

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how both parties will navigate the aftermath of their breakup. The hope is that Angela’s bravery will serve as a catalyst for change, prompting a wider conversation about the need for support and protection for victims of domestic abuse.

Watch the video below.


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