Medikal exposed for lying about his age, claiming he is 27 years yet is older than that (video)

It was just recently that AMG artist Medikal felt the need to correct the record industry’s inaccurate portrayal of him as a terrible rapper whose rhymes are little more than garbage and noise.

As Medikal disclosed in a tweet, he has already built seven houses and plans to keep going despite the criticism he has received thus far.

Despite the fact that many people mock his rhyming technique, the rapper claims that he has been able to carve out a place for himself in the music industry despite being just 27.

“You go fi criticise me, laugh at my style, say I shaa but I’m on my 7th house in Aburi ! And I’m only 27 ! I hope say we go chop 50 then you de fi pay your wifi bills tweet @ me 😂,” he shared in one of the many tweets.

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However, research conducted by a Blogger shows that the braggadocio rapper’s age is in fact exaggerated in an attempt to put unnecessary pressure on his fans and the youth.

In an interview with Delay in 2017, Medikal stated that he was 25 years old. As a result, if Medikal was 25 as in 2017, he should be 29 in 2021.

watch the video below: