Double enjoyment: Lady writes her final exams on wedding day – Video

A viral video shows a final-year female university student sitting her final test on her wedding day, while dressed in her bridal gown.

In the footage, the lady is seen being escorted out of the test hall by a man who appears to be her husband based on his attire.

The lady, who was dressed in a beautiful white round gown was grinning with delight as her costume drew a lot of attention.

Many of her friends trailed closely behind her as she walked out of the test hall with her alleged spouse, filming the unusual incident.

One of those who pulled out their phones to photograph the event was overheard saying: “Oh my God, when are you going to do it? When is it going to happen? “as a prayer to God, wondering when she would be able to rejoice in this manner as well.

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After graduating from high school and getting married on the same day, the lady in the bridal gown is clearly celebrating two life achievements.

The young girl and her husband were spotted strolling beautifully to their car after successfully sitting on the paper to continue their wedding celebrations.

watch the video below;

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