Beautiful lady cries after pink lips cream made her mouth swollen (video)

A young and gorgeous Nigerian lady has come out crying for help after getting herself into a tangle over a pink lips cream.

People currently use fake creams to feel more at ease in their own skin, whether it’s a btt or a b*bs enlargement lotion.

The pink lips cream, which many people use to make their pink seem more sparkling and appealing to potential suitors, is the most recent addition that has gained acceptance.

In the instance of this lovely girl, she was confident that the cream would help her achieve the pink lips she had always desired, but her luck ran out when it had a negative impact on her.

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She was informed that once her lips swelled, the wound would peel away, revealing her pink lips, but this has yet to happen, and the anguish she is experiencing is unbearable.

According to her, she regrets using the cream in the hopes of getting pink and attractive lips and has turned to the internet for assistance.