“Your Husband Is Chopping Your Househelp When He Beats Her Too Much” – Nigerian Actress Advises

Nigerian actress Kehinde Olorunyomi has sparked some controversies on the media concerning her view about married couples.

according to the actress, as she advises her fellow married women who hire house help, they have to be vigilant when they notice their husband takes the role od disciplining their house help.

Kehinde Olorunyomi

Kehinde Olorunyomi as she talked to her media handles says whenever you notice your husband beats your house help too much be prompt that he has been sleeping with her.

she added that if not then the house help has been very difficult to open her legs for your husband hence be vigilant.

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Kehinde Olorunyomi

taking to Twitter, she wrote;

“When your husband beats your house help too much, be vigilant my sister, he is sleeping with her or the girl is proving difficult to sleep with.”

Kehinde Olorunyomi added on Instagram;

“When you employ a female help, the onus is on the woman of the house to correct and sometimes discipline the help.

But when your husband is on this train and is in total charge, in fact he loves to be the one to cane the girl, be vigilant my sister! My 2 kobo. Have a beautiful weekend! Freedom is coming tomorrow!!!”

see shreenshots below;

Kehinde Olorunyomi advices
Kehinde Olorunyomi advises
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