When Eddie Nartey’s wife was alive, his new wife had been his side chic.

Popular actor Eddie Nartey has captured the attention of social media after tying the knot with his new wife, Catherine, in a small but extravagant ceremony held in the capital. The event was attended by close friends of the actor, who played the role of groomsmen.

Videos and photos from the wedding quickly spread across various social media platforms, sparking a range of reactions from netizens. Many have expressed surprise and raised questions about Eddie’s decision to remarry just over two years after the tragic death of his previous wife. While some fans have congratulated him for finding love again, others believe he should have taken more time to heal before entering into another marriage.

However, it seems that the online community has dug up some intriguing information about the new Mrs. Nartey. Rumors suggest that Catherine was previously Eddie’s mistress even during his late wife’s lifetime. According to one social media user, the actor decided to elevate Catherine from the status of a side chick to his wife because she gave birth to their child last year, who will soon be turning one. It is alleged that Catherine was involved with Eddie while he was still married to his first wife until her unfortunate passing in January 2021.

As this news unfolds, fans and followers of Eddie Nartey continue to discuss and debate the circumstances surrounding his new marriage. The actor has yet to comment on these claims, leaving the public to speculate about his motives and the dynamics of his relationship with Catherine.


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