Watch Video AS A Desperate Lady Storms a Mall to Search for a Man (Video)

Watch Video AS A Desperate Lady Storms a Mall to Search for a Man (Video)

A young lady from Nigeria has been seen scouring a well-known shopping mall in an attempt to find a man who she can call her own and bring home with her.

She showed herself in a video that she uploaded to the internet, in which she was at the mall, and she stated that she was not there to shop for anything because her sole objective was to find a guy.

According to the elegant lady, the competition for men is real, and women and men alike should remain vigilant lest they find themselves without a partner.

She also communicated to the other women that she would grab any of their boyfriends or lovers in an instant if they came near her. The message implied that she would not hesitate to do so.

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Watch the video below;


Social media reactions

itz_nejigram; No be to find man o my dear, ur attitude go fit keep am ni? 

iamquiny; Mk them no kidnap you Otilo

christabelegbenya; People the divorce people the find man this life no balance

sandie_lolo; Thanks for the update, make I go wear cloth 

georgeohwevwo; Na very sure location be this

amakaanagu; I’ll send my bf your way. There’s love in sharing.

just_uyomi; She speak in tongues sef