Wahala no dey finish: Couple sells their 8-months old baby to buy an iPhone 14

A shocking and deeply troubling incident has unfolded in West Bengal, India, where an iPhone-obsessed couple has been arrested and charged with a heinous act.

Jaydev and Sathi Ghosh, a financially struggling couple from North 24 Parganas, allegedly sold their own 8-month-old baby in order to finance their desire for the latest version of the popular smartphone, the iPhone 14.

The news came to light when the couple started flaunting their newfound wealth and proudly displayed their extravagant purchase. Their neighbors, who were well aware of their modest earnings and occasional financial hardships, grew suspicious of their sudden affluence. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Ghoshes had indeed sold their infant child to fund their iPhone 14 acquisition.

The details surrounding the sale are gut-wrenching and raise serious ethical and moral questions. How could a couple consider parting with their own flesh and blood for the sake of material possession? The audacity of their actions reached another appalling level when it was revealed that they had also attempted to sell their 7-year-old daughter, although their attempts were unsuccessful.

This incident sheds light on the dark side of consumerism and the obsession with technology. It serves as a stark reminder of the moral boundaries some individuals are willing to cross in their pursuit of material possessions. The impact on the children involved in this distressing situation is unimaginable, and it calls for a deeper examination of our society’s values and priorities.

Authorities have taken swift action, arresting the couple and charging them with their heinous act. The legal process will now aim to ensure justice is served and that the children involved are properly protected and cared for. This disturbing incident serves as a wake-up call for society to reflect on the consequences of our obsession with material possessions and the potential harm it can inflict on the most vulnerable among us.

“After interrogation, the mother admitted to the crime and informed that she and her husband wanted to use the money to take trips across the state so that they could create content for Instagram reels, a police official is quoted to have told Indian Express


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