Video of Ugandan church clapping for three hours to break Guinness World Record for ‘longest clap’ goes viral – Watch

A Ugandan church has made history by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest applause.

The committed members of Phaneroo Ministries Church gathered in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, to honor their church’s ninth anniversary with a passionate event known as “Clap For Jesus.”

The congregation clapped its hands for a whopping 3 hours and 16 minutes. Their combined applause was continuous and resonant, measuring at an average of 88.5 decibels (dB). To confirm the authenticity of their astounding achievement, they had to maintain an audio intensity of more than 80 dB for the duration of their joyous celebration.

During this event, 926 people clapped nonstop for three hours and sixteen minutes. To become an official Guinness World Record, “they had to remain above 80 dB for the entire duration.” According to Guinness World Records.

The church’s pastor, Grace Lubega, indicated that the goal of “Clap For Jesus” was to bring people together in a spirit of appreciation and celebration. The celebration was a boisterous affair, with stewards ensuring that people continued to clap without interruption.

The Ugandan church broke the previous record of two hours and five minutes, set in 2019 by Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness in the United Kingdom.

Watch the video below;

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