Tracey Boakye's husband will not attend the wedding because of privacy

Tracey Boakye’s husband will not attend the wedding because of privacy

Actress Tracey Boakye, also known as Borla Bird, has found her “Mr. Right” and is getting set to marry the knot, as was reported by yesterday.

Just this past week, rumors began to circulate once more that Tracey’s wedding will take place this coming weekend.

However, the formal wedding invitation has been sent out, and it has been revealed that Tracey Boakye’s bridal shower will take place today, on the 26th of July!

On the other hand, very little is known about Tracey Boakye’s husband at this time.

People on social media are speculating at this very moment about who this fortunate individual might be and what might transpire in the near future. Others are curious as to whether or not Tracey and Dr. Kwaku Oteng are going to get married.

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Thosecalledcelebss, a blogger, claims that Tracey Boakye’s husband would either have a proxy marriage in which another person will represent him or he will disclose his true face.

Nevertheless, regardless of what takes place, the day will soon arrive. Get ready, and stay right here with us as we wait for more.

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