The friend who took Moesha to church finally speaks – tells how she gave out her properties

Vica Michaels, Moesha’s friend who originally encouraged her to church, has provided an update on the actress’ predicament.

Vica, a prominent model, debunked rumors and allegations that the church enticed Moesha into selling her house and automobiles so that the money could be donated to it in a post seen by

Moesha, she claims, summoned people to her home and distributed items to the needy for reasons she is unable to reveal.

Vica mentioned actress Afia Schwar as one of the people who knows about it. She went on to say that she had no idea Moesha did it until she revealed it to her over the phone during a chat.

Moesha is presently residing at a facility where she is being cared for and counseled by the church, according to the model.

She claims that her chosen family members are aware of her new residence and are collaborating with the church to safeguard Moesha’s well-being.

According to Vica, “The battle is beyond the physical but the Lord has given us victory already”.

below is her post;

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