Shatta Wale suppots Michy as he gives free promo on social media for her new song

– Shatta Wale supports ex-girlfriend Shatta Michy on her new song project

– Description of Shatta Wale’s Facebook post rallying support for Michy
– Bond between the former couple and their ability to complement each other’s achievements
– Shatta Wale encourages fans to show support for Michy’s musical career
– Michy expresses gratitude for Shatta Wale’s support

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Shatta Wale Supports Ex-Girlfriend Michy’s New Song Project

Shatta Wale, the renowned dancehall musician, has been receiving praise on social media for publicly supporting his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Shatta Michy, on her latest song project.

Despite their separation, the beautiful bond they once shared has not completely faded away, as they continue to find ways to complement each other’s achievements.

In a recent Facebook post, Shatta Wale went all out in rallying support for Michy, urging his fans and followers to show their support for her new single.

He shared a link to a streaming platform and offered a generous incentive, promising to give 2,000 units of currency to anyone who can sing the song from start to finish.

This unexpected gesture from the self-proclaimed “King of African Dancehall” caught the attention of Michy, who expressed her gratitude in response to the post. She playfully said, “I have made it. Thank you, baby daddy.”

Shatta Wale’s show of support for Michy’s musical career not only highlights their continued connection but also serves as a way to win more hearts and fans for Michy. Their ability to put their differences aside and uplift each other is truly awe-inspiring.

Shatta Wale suppots Michy as he gives free promo on social media for her new song



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