See list of dark-skinned female celebrities who are taking black beauty to a new level.

Ghana’s film and music industries can truly brag of attractive, curvy ladies, dark-skinned women, fair-skinned women, huge backsides, and others. With their lovely complexions and height, these women make the sector so appealing.

Some Ghanaian actresses have confessed on numerous occasions that their attractiveness has aided their careers as actresses, and we cannot dispute that Ghana’s film industry is full of stunning ladies.

In today’s piece, we’ll look at several dark-skinned ladies from the movie and music industries. 

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah is one of the beautiful dark-skinned women we have in the movie industry. Her picture above is already self-explanatory to us. And not forgetting that, she is one of the main actresses we have in Ghana right now.

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Yvonne Okoro

Personally, I like this woman so much and this particular picture. She is an actress and a singer as well. Yvonne is one of the dark-skinned women we have in this country and in the movie industry as well.


Kaakie can not be excluded or left out of the list. She is a dark-skinned person in reality. She has also been in the industry for about a decade and all of a sudden, she vanished. 

Lydia Forson

She absolutely a dark-skinned person in real life. The beautiful and talented actress can’t be excluded from the list when naming dark-skinned personalities in the country.