Asantewaa Flaunts New Haircut As She Cuts Off All Her Permed Hair - Video

Asantewaa Flaunts New Haircut As She Cuts Off All Her Permed Hair – Video

Asantewaa, a famous Ghanaian actress and TikTok celebrity generated a social media buzz when she shaved off all of her permed hair.

She posted the video on her verified Instagram profile after receiving a lot of positive feedback from Ghanaians.

She sat in the chair, relaxed and unafraid, while the barber chopped off her permed hair trim after trim.

She colored her hair dark red and added beautiful curls after the barber gave her a great cut. Her hair was curled and beautifully arranged.

Asantewaa’s new style has elicited a range of emotions on social media, with followers discussing her effect on them.

Some mentioned that after she chopped her hair the first time, they also cut theirs, and now that she has cut it again, they are considering following her since she looks stunning in the haircut.

peggy_pearls stated:

Why am I happy and sad at the same time

prettyyvonne_ commented:

Oh Asantewaa thought you won’t cut it again

midwife_engineer remarked:

Cut saaa… when tired loc am. That’s what l did and people can’t stop complaining, I mean my own hair ooo

adepa_abena_adepa stated:

I won’t shave my hair again da … you I followed you to shave, and you started braiding

milcah_coffie commented:

I was like, ahaaaa again. I was waiting for a new transition on braids,

user_lertty stated:

We that our hair refuse to grow dierrr hmmmm

priscilla_essuon said:

You cut your hair saa ei whiles my locks no dey grow…. tell me the truth ad3n mennkaho bii anaa