see how Mercy Johnson and her husband celebrate their daughter Purity, who turned 9 years old.

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie and her husband Prince Odi are overjoyed to be there for yet another celebration for their daughter Purity’s birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Mercy and her husband shared heartfelt tributes to the birthday celebrant. Prince Odi in his post emphasized how rewarding it has been to see his daughter grow up. He also spoke of how much she has made him proud.

“Dear Purity, watching you grow up has been such a very special treat to me. I am deeply, so proud of the intelligent, strong, and brilliant girl you’re becoming,” He wrote. “I pray that MY God will preserve and watch over you as you continue to walk in HIS ways. Be the best of you as always and stay Amazing Baby…Daddy loves you BIG.”

The mother of three on the other hand also had a special post for her daughter where she expressed her gratitude and appreciation to God for not putting her to shame. She prayed for Purity’s ninth birthday and wished her a happy celebration.

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“OSEBHAJIMENTE, it means “.God did not put me to shame,”. My baby is 9 Today…..Lord do that which only you can do in her Life. IJN. Happy Birthday, Princess Purity,” Mercy Johnson wrote.