Sad Video: Close friend reveals Afia Schwarzenegger is HIV Positive

As of right now, Adu Safowaah is engaged in a social media battle with Afia Schwarzenegger, in which she claims that Schwarzenegger is infected with HIV/AIDS.

They are both dragging themselves through the mud, and Safowaa has been particularly cruel to Schwar.

She has allegedly said and done all kinds of unimaginable things against Afia Schwar, including allowing her housekeeper to finger her.

In yet another bold claim, Adu Safowaa asserts that Afia Schwar is infected by the HIV virus. She revealed this in one of her contentious posts, in which she slammed Afia Schwarzenegger.

Even after being warned to be careful with the information she is spreading because she might be caught in a trap if she had to prove it, Safowaa blatantly repeated her claim that Afia Schwar is allegedly HIV positive!

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watch the video below;