Prophet Ogyaba ‘exposed’ for charging his church members Ghc3K just for WhatsApp video calls

Prophet Ogyaba, whose real name is Emmanuel Akwasi Boakye, is the founder and general overseer of Holiness Of Christ Zion Ministry. He is a religious leader in Ghana who has recently come under fire for allegedly scamming a Ghanaian lady living abroad.

A Ghanaian lady named Akosua Allegation took to TikTok to share her story of how Prophet Ogyaba scammed her out of $300. Allegation claims that she needed the prophet’s immediate help and was told by one of his junior pastors that she could only get direct access to him by subscribing to one of their expensive packages, which are all in dollars and euros.

Allegation paid the $300 for a Whatsapp video call with Prophet Ogyaba, but after making the payment, she claims that he refused to reply to any of her texts or calls. She also alleges that Prophet Ogyaba is a scammer who funds his luxury lifestyle with the money he gets from his victims. Allegation even claims that she paid more than $300, but he still failed to attend to her.

Prophet Ogyaba has not yet responded to the allegations made by Akosua Allegation. However, the story has gone viral on social media, with many people condemning the prophet for his alleged actions.

This story serves as a reminder to always be cautious when dealing with people who claim to have special powers or abilities. It is important to do your research and not fall for scams that promise quick solutions to your problems. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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