“poor people are really enjoying”- Rich Lady says as she rides okada for the first time (video)

A lady who appears to have been pampered from the comfort of her own home has had this experience, which she does not find pleasant.

She expressed her feelings on social media after experiencing the thrill of riding on the back of a commercial motorcycle, known as an Okada, for the first time ever in her life.

Her depiction of the journey seemed absurd to the uninitiated, and she stated that she felt as if she were riding a roller coaster that swings up and down in the air.

Seconds later, she was demonstrating how traumatized and compassionate she feels towards the poor who rely on Okada as a method of transportation to and from their places of work.

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She asserted that it was frightening and that this is what ordinary people have to go through. It is her desire to lend a hand, yet she is unable to do so.

the video below.