Nogokpo Wants to Use Agyin-Asare a Scapegoat – Ajagurajah Says In New Video

Ajagurajah, who leads a religious movement, has accused Nogokpo of trying to blame Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare for something he didn’t do. Ajagurajah made this claim on social media.

According to Ajagurajah, the deity of Nogokpo challenged Archbishop Agyin-Asare and demanded that he apologize to the people of Nogokpo. This demand was made because the deity believed that the Archbishop had done something wrong.

Ajagurajah is the leader of the Chop Bar Church. This is a religious group that is based in Ghana. The church has gained a lot of attention recently because of Ajagurajah’s claims about Nogokpo and Archbishop Agyin-Asare.

Ajagurajah believes that Nogokpo is trying to use Archbishop Agyin-Asare as a scapegoat. This means that Nogokpo is trying to blame the Archbishop for something that he didn’t do. Ajagurajah thinks that this is unfair and that the Archbishop should not be blamed for something that he didn’t do.

It’s important to remember that these are just accusations. We don’t know for sure if Nogokpo is trying to use Archbishop Agyin-Asare as a scapegoat. It’s also important to remember that different religions and religious groups have different beliefs and practices. What might be important to one group might not be important to another group.

Watch the video below;


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