"Men refuse to date me because of the hair on my chest"- Lady cries

“Men refuse to date me because of the hair on my chest”- Lady cries

Pecunia, a Twitter user, took to the comments section to express her disappointment that a man she almost had a romantic relationship with refused to date her because of the natural hair on her chest.

Having hair on the body is natural for everybody, but it’s typically perceived as normal in men because of how they’re made, so when a woman develops hair on her body, misconceptions arise, especially among men.

According to Pecunia, This was the craziest reason she’d ever heard from a guy who would have dated her.

After seeing her hair, the guy commented that it made her look more like a man than a woman.

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She went on to post a photo of the hair on her chest to prove that it is not as strange as he made it out to be.

See the photo below.