“No sens!ble man will marry a woman with a child”- Ghana man reveals

A Ghanaian man’s honest words about marrying “born 1” girls have prompted debate on social media, drawing attention to a contentious viewpoint that has sparked both intrigue and condemnation.

His claim that only weak and uneducated men marry “born 1” girls has sparked disputes regarding society’s perceptions, relationships, and the representation of women.

The Ghanaian man’s claim is based on the concept that women labeled as “born 1,” a term commonly used to denote individuals having children from past marriages, are “rejected goods.”

In the viral video, he stated that men should avoid pursuing relationships with these women because of the underlying notion that they have been disregarded by others.

In support of his daring claim, the man used an analogy from the animal kingdom, in which strong male animals breed with peak female creatures before moving on to other activities.

He drew a link between the behavior of weaker male animals battling for the same female after the stronger male abandoned her.

This animal metaphor was used to convey his point of view on the perceived dynamics of relationships involving “born-one” women.

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