Nkwatia Presby SHS headmaster slaps female student for leaving school without exeat – Video

After allowing his wrath to get the best of him while he was dealing with one female student at Nkwatia Presby Senior High School, the Headmaster of Academics at that school is today feeling quite heated.

According to the details of the case, the headmaster of the school, who has not been named, is accused of striking a pupil, causing her to suffer from partial blindness as a result.

According to what was written, the headmaster had a hunch that a pupil whose name was Diana had left the school without signing an exit slip, or, to put it another way, without first obtaining permission.

The source claimed that Diana tried to explain to the headmaster that she had requested permission and, moreover, that she wasn’t feeling well, but the teacher fell on deaf ears and told her that he was going to whip her. The source stated that the headteacher had told Diana that he was going to lash her.

She was told to go on her knees while the headmaster went to obtain a cane so he could spank her.

Diana did as she was told and knelt down, but when the headteacher came back and tried to cane her, Diana hung on to the cane, which made the headteacher upset, and she ended up giving Diana a very hard smack across the face as a punishment.

After allegedly receiving a slap from the Headmaster of Academics at Nkwatia Presby Senior High School for leaving campus without an exit pass, a second-year student at the school suffers from partial blindness as a result of the incident.

“The student, who has been identified as Diana, was actually permitted to leave campus, but the headmaster would not listen to her explanations when she tried to talk to him about it,” according to the reports.

Watch the video below;

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