Ghanaians blast Badu Kobi’s daughter for defending her father’s failed Prophecies.

Ghanaians have surrounded Prophet Badu Kobi’s daughter, Jessie, after she attempted to defend her father from the attacks he is facing.

Jessie’s issue was that she used scumbag logic to defend her father’s huge fail, and Ghanaians are sick of crap these days.

They gave her a nice time!

Jessie Kobi is the daughter of Glorious Wave Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

Badu Kobi has become a social media laughingstock after releasing two terrible forecasts disguised as prophecies over the weekend.

badu kobi daughter

His first prediction, made on Saturday night, was that Argentina would win the Copa America final and take home the championship.

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Argentina won and lifted the trophy, and he was completely wrong.

Badu Kobi then attempted to swiftly erase his embarrassment by predicting that England will win the European Championships final, which was held on Sunday night.

England was playing Italy at Wembley Stadium in London, and the bookies had rated them as favorites.

Badu Kobi expected England to finish the job at home and restore his reputation, but the Italians had other plans.

While Badu Kobi was bleeding in his room, they won the game on penalties and lifted the trophy in front of nearly 60,000 disappointed English fans.

Ghanaians did not disappoint, launching a barrage of criticism at Badu Kobi for his false forecasts.

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Jessie, his daughter, was moved to defend her father on Facebook as a result of this.

“Things might alter in the spiritual realm between the time a prophet forecasts something and the time it happens,” she explained.

Why would God deliver a prophecy to his prophet and then change it to shame him if that was the case?

Why is not the more logical explanation that Badu Kobi is a fake prophet?

Anyway, Ghanaians are not letting her off the hook for her nonsense.

Check out some of the reactions below…

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