“Nigerian men are rich and good in bed” – Socialite Shakilla

Controversial Shakilla, a Kenyan social media influencer and socialite, said that she cannot date Kenyan men and prefers to date and spend time with males from Nigeria.

The influencer stated in an interview that she prefers to date Nigerian men because they are passionate and know how to reward their wives.

When asked why she dislikes Kenyan males, she stated that the list is lengthy and would take hours to go over.

The first reason, she claims, is that Kenyan men are impoverished. Kenyan men, according to Shakilla, are frugal and would rather pay for anything than give you money.

The socialite’s second reason is that she prefers Nigerian men because they last longer in bed. She claims that while a Nigerian man can sleep for hours, his Kenyan counterpart can only sleep for a few minutes.

According to Shakilla, Kenyan men are unattractive and have spouses, so hanging out with them is difficult. To minimize trouble, she advises hiding married Kenyan guys.

Shakilla has never been afraid to admit that she prefers wealthy men. In a previous video she uploaded on her account, she stated that she exclusively dates wealthy men and advised all poor men to avoid her.

Effah Gideon

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