“My wife has not been happy ever since Ursula Sat on my laps”- Honorable Akandoh says

Parliament house was a sight to behold on the 7th of December 2020, with a series of disgraceful activities by our parliamentary elects.

One of these incidents has to do with the moment when Ursula Owusu refused to sit at the minority side of parliament but opted to sit on the laps of Honorable Akandoh saying the gentleman was occupying his seat.

ursula owusu Honorable Akandoh

Honorable Akandoh in an interview with Rolland Walker of TV3 has revealed that his wife was not happy with what Ursula did and since the incident, his wife has not been happy at home.

Akandoh said his wife says Ursula should have known he was a married man so such an act was unpardonable.

watch the video below.

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