“My church, SDA are hypocr!tes” – Lady calls out pastor for failing to bless her marriage

The story of a lady on social media who had her marriage fall apart after her church refused to bless it because the groom was coming from a different church was shared with us.

The lady denounced the Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) as the most hypocritical religious group ever for failing to bless the marriage, but they were willing to accept tithes from her and her husband.

According to her, the church made it clear that they would not be blessing the marriage, but rather would be present as guests with no involvement.

she wrote;

“My church SDA is the most hypocritical religious group ever! The church washes it hands off a member and his or her wedding preparation, blessing and encouragement because the member isn’t marrying an Adventist.

The church will come as guests, no participation wheresoever… any SDA pastor who tries to bless a wedding between an Adventist and a non-Adventist will be sanctioned, his license as a Pastor will be revoked!

We call ourselves the remnant church, we want to win souls… it’s not only by singing and preaching… marriages bring people together, through marriage we can win souls and if we countinue like this how will we “pass the MESSAGE to the rest of the world in this Generation”? After the wedding de3 they will accept your tithe and Offering, if your non-Adventist spouse brings money to “help God’s work” they will not reject it cos it’s from a non-Adventist.

No matter your role at church, if you aren’t marrying an Adventist, you will be left on your own. No wonder a lot of Adventist who marry non-Adventist stop attending church cos it’s way too painful. Let’s change that “ChurchManual” let’s understand that Salvation can also be gotten through marriage. Mo nyaa twom!!!

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see screenshot below;

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