"My best friend snatched my man from me when I was busy doing music"- Angry Wendy Shay reveals

“My best friend snatched my man from me when I was busy doing music”- Angry Wendy Shay reveals

Wendy Shay, a new signing to Rufftown Records, is back with a new song about the breakup she had with a partner.

Due to the extremely graphic language she uses in the lyrics, the new song “Warning” has already sparked conversation on social media.

In an Instagram post, Wendy Shay claimed that the song is based on a true story of heartbreak she experienced.

She said that her best friend had betrayed her by following her boyfriend around while she was driving.

According to Wendy Shay, the buddy was successful in stealing her man away, and they are now dating.

“It’s hard for Hardworking women to get genuine love. Whiles I was on the road chasing my Passion my so called best friend was also chasing my man, and now they are together. So ShayGang excuse me for my language, this song is very personal,” she captioned.

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Since this is Wendy Shay’s second heartbreak song in as many months, her fans are concerned that it might be a while before she recovers.

Watch the video here.