Muslim man miraculously healed of chronic disease after joining Alpha Hour prayer session

A Ghanaian Muslim man has testified of how he was healed of a chronic condition after attending Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s Alpha Hour prayer session.

Despite belonging to a different religious organization, the unnamed man was in the habit of sharing social media links to the popular prayer movement with friends.

He went on to say that on Monday, August 21, he chose to set his alarm, and when the time came for the Alpha Hour, he posted the links as usual before monitoring the prayer session.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang revealed on social media that during the rigorous prayer session, the man of God mentioned that someone had been suffering from Essential tremor (ET) and announced recovery for the person.

The Muslim man went on to say that when he heard the preacher declare recovery for the sick patient, he cried Amen, and that was the turning point in his life.

“I am a Muslim and I hide or go to Alpha when I am around my family, however, I have a broadcast list where I share the link with other friends, 21/08/23 I was sleeping when my alarm rang, and I woke up to share the link, Minutes into the prayer, Pastor mentioned a case that I have been going through, he said someone has a shaking hand that day. I was holding my phone, and my hand shook for close to 5 minutes. I woke up. “I have not had the previous experience since 12 a.m. until 1:53 p.m. as I type this testimony,” he said, adding, “God is indeed merciful.”

Sharing the man’s experience, Pastor Elvis Agyemang exclaimed, “Muslims, too, go believe in Jesus.”

Effah Gideon

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