Mother cries for help as her 7-year-old son has never blinked his eyes and closed his mouth since birth – Video

Tusaiweyana, a mother from Malawi, has spoken out about her heartbreaking journey in quest of help for her son, Jay, who hasn’t blinked, smiled, or closed his lips since birth.

In a viral video, she described the heartbreaking hardships her son experiences on a daily basis as a result of the disease, which prevents him from properly closing his mouth, limiting his capacity to eat, drink, and even communicate emotions through facial expressions.

Despite nearly seven years of tireless efforts, her son’s condition has remained the same, according to the distressed mother.

The sad movie clearly shows how the young boy’s health condition affects his quality of life.

His mother, on the other hand, has remained unwavering in her love and appreciation for him, choosing to see him as a unique individual deserving of unconditional care and acceptance.

Tusaiweyana announced her plans to fly to South Africa in the coming month to seek a definitive diagnosis and viable treatment options for Jay in an emotional plea for assistance.

In her own words:

“It’s heartbreaking to look for help for your child and never find it.” To seek answers but never find them. I’ve been hunting for answers for my son for nearly 7 years.

“This is my biological son, whom I gave birth to when I was 16–17 years old, he was born with a condition that prevents him from closing his mouth and used to affect so many other things at times, but I decided to love him, appreciate him, and see him as a different child, as a unique child, and to appreciate him the way he is.”

“However, I’m getting close to receiving more responses from other countries.” So, we’re going to South Africa next month, and I’m not sure.”

Watch the video below;

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