Michy vows to make Majesty a footballer earning $200k/week instead of pursuing music.

Ghanaian artist and TV host Michy recently expressed her concerns about the lack of discipline in Ghana’s entertainment industry. During an interview with the Asempa Showbiz Review, Michy shared her hesitation in supporting her son’s potential career in music, favoring soccer instead.

Michy believes that soccer offers greater financial opportunities compared to the music industry in Ghana. She argued that the lucrative nature of soccer, with players earning up to $200,000 a week, makes it a more appealing choice for her son. Additionally, Michy highlighted the regimented discipline that comes with playing soccer, something she feels is lacking in the entertainment sector.

She spoke highly of her son, Majesty, describing him as a remarkable young boy who has shown an interest in playing the piano. While Michy acknowledges his potential in music, she would rather see him pursue soccer due to the strong sense of discipline associated with the sport.

Michy’s concerns about the entertainment industry stem from what she perceives as a lack of discipline and the presence of vices. She finds it depressing that the industry does not prioritize discipline as much as soccer does.

Overall, Michy’s preference for her son to pursue a career in soccer reflects her belief in the financial opportunities and disciplined environment that the sport offers. Despite recognizing her son’s musical inclinations, she feels that soccer would provide him with a more secure future.


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