Men Are rushing on me but I’m being careful now – Xandy Kamel

Xandy Kamel, a television star, has said that she is being approached by a lot of men following the crash of her marriage.

Xandy Kamel revealed in an interview with blogger Zionfelix that she is not in a hurry to be in any type of romantic relationship, despite the numerous suitors who have approached her.

Remember that before the year 2021 came to a conclusion, media celebrity Xandy Kamel and her spouse Kaninja were discovered in a messy nasty public brawl on social media? Xandy Kamel accused her spouse of abandoning their marriage for his ex-girlfriend.

Xandy Kamel mentioned during the interview that she has been approached by various guys who have made their intentions known to her, but she has declined because of an unfortunate scenario that occurred a few months ago.

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“Even before I committed to any guy in my previous life, there were those who had always admired me.” Some people just want to have a good time with me. Some people just want to sleep with me and then go. Some people want to spend their entire lives with me. Yes, as this situation (her divorce) erupted, I had people approaching me and all that.

“Others are old acquaintances, some are ex-lovers, and some are new people I’ve never met.” But I get the impression that some individuals just want to take advantage of my predicament (divorcee). “As a result, I must be vigilant,” she added.