Man orders Ghc150 sofa online and got this (photos)

A Ghanaian man was persuaded to buy a sofa because of its low cost, only to receive a toy-sized version.

According to Adu Kwabena Alfred, a social media user, his friend observed a sofa for GH150 on display at Jumia, an online store.

He placed an order right away and paid the indicated price for the goods.

The package arrived in Ghana a month later and was handed to him on a motorcycle.

The sofa that was delivered to him was a toy-sized sofa, not a genuine sofa, much to his amazement.

Some Ghanaians’ reactions are listed below.

Sefakor Foli posed the following question:

How can u buy a sofa at 150, this happen cos people don’t like to read, I sell sofa covers , price will be stated yet someone will order and think it sofa itself, how can u buy sofa at 95gh, 125gh and 135gh, like how is this possible

Angeline Tugah indicatedcan’t stop laughing…. I ordered kids tablet for my son and they brought me a toy tablet

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