Man divorces all his three wives on the same day after they all cheated on him

A man named Mutiacya, who had been married to three beautiful women, has found himself back in the realm of singlehood after ending all three marriages on the very same day.

Heartbroken and disheartened, Mutiacya expressed that he could no longer bear their undesirable behavior within the confines of his home.

Speaking to Afrimax English, the 55-year-old man stated that although his wives were initially humble and cooperative, they began misbehaving, which he could not tolerate.

“They were hardworking and ready to build a big family, but they started misbehaving, something that I could not tolerate, and the decision was chasing them away. It was harsh but decent,” the father of seven said.

Despite the difficult decision, Mutiacya believed it was the right choice to separate from them. Having lived in Uganda for 34 years, Mutiacya was born in Chad but had made Uganda his home.

He mentioned that he had provided for the women and they lacked nothing. However, unfortunate circumstances such as losing his job resulted in limited resources and the inability to cater to their needs.

“I had a job, and life seemed good, and the wives loved me. However, I lost my job and failed to provide on a regular. All three women I had disrespected me, and the worst was cheating on me with men who had money. I couldn’t tolerate that and divorced them on the same day,”

This led to disrespect from his wives, with the worst betrayal being infidelity with wealthy men. Unable to tolerate such behavior, Mutiacya made the decision to divorce all three women on the same day.



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